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Venepuncture Master Class for PRP and PRF

Venepuncture On-site Training

Course Details

Learning Content

This training session focuses on the collection of venous blood for the use in dental and aesthetic procedures.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to teach venepuncture to members of staff who will be required to collect venous blood as part of their clinical role. Participants will receive both theoretical and practical instruction during this session.

Course Requirements

On completion of this course participants should have a period of supervised practice and assessment by a competent person.

Course Objectives

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

Discuss safe working practice, current European and national legislation, national guidelines and local policies and protocols which affect the individual’s practice whilst obtaining venous blood.

Discuss the risks associated with blood exposure during venepuncture.

Identify the importance of reporting, response and monitory procedures associated with sharps injury.

Discuss standard precautions and demonstrate competent practice during the withdrawal of venous blood.

Demonstrate an understanding of the anatomy of the arm and the vascular system when taking blood.

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the procedures and techniques of obtaining venous blood in accordance with local policies and procedures.

Safely use the supplied blood collection systems and discuss current safety devices available.

CPD Course Duration:

Four to five hours.

Development Outcomes:

This CPD course meets the criteria for the GDC’s development outcomes C

Quality Control:

This course is Nationally Certificated through ITOL and quality assured by Quest Training and Development.